How to Stay Productive When You Work from Home — & She's Brave

  1. Create a distraction-free space. If other people in my house are home, we’re generally not in the same room while I am working. It’s inevitable that you will want to talk to each other, and even just a quick question can pull you out of the zone. Creating space is helpful to being as productive as possible.
  2. Set up your work station.It’s important to have a work station where you’re physically comfortable and feel motivated/inspired to get things done. Before I used my Very office stipend to set up my desk and monitor, I was hunched over my laptop all day, which wreaked havoc on my neck and shoulders. Now, I have a setup where I can sit with good posture and work more efficiently.
  3. Practice self-care. This is essential for me because of all the responsibilities I have as a business owner and full-time account manager. It’s also one of the easiest things to neglect or forget about. Luckily, Very encourages self-care through activities like our quarterly fitness challenges, where you can set individual goals that have a clear impact on your physical, mental, or even emotional wellbeing and document your journey to receive rewards. I’ve started reintegrating a yoga practice into my daily routine, and it helps keep me balanced. Breaking up the day also helps to keep me energized, whether that’s through a lunchtime yoga session, bringing my laptop outside on a nice day, or just working while sitting with my dog on the couch.